What is a fitting like?

What is a fitting?

One of our Style Consultants will meet you at your choice of location. This is your first step to getting clothing that fits you perfect every time with DoBespoke.


What goes on at a fitting?

Your Style consultant will go through the options and fabrics for the clothes you have chosen. Then they will measure you to ensure your custom clothing is made to your exact dimensions.


How long does a fitting take?

Typically 30-60 minutes but our Style Consultants never rush you. We want to answer all your questions, so no rush.


How much does a fitting cost? Is there a minimum purchase required?

Fittings are free of charge to you and no there is no minimum amount you have to buy. We’re confident you will like what we offer that much.


When can I get a fitting?

Most anytime you want during the week or even on the weekends. We work with you to find the best time to have a Style Consultant meet you.


Where can we do a fitting?

Pretty much anywhere you wish–your home, office, favorite coffee shop or watering hole. We have even done fittings on corporate jets 30k feet above the earth.


Do you offer group fittings?

Yes! We frequently come to offices to do fittings for multiple people there.  If you refer people to us, we’ll even give you a $20 referral fee for each person.


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